Spanning six industrial buildings across two city blocks, Atwater Crossing houses an array of creative offices and studios, artisanal manufacturing facilities, locations for photography and film shoots, theaters showcasing original productions, and a restaurant. Public programs, events, and workshops feed the evolving culture and community of ATX.

Creative Businesses

By day, the Atwater Crossing buildings are 'busy beehives,' home to artists, graphic designers, architects, writers, documentarians, fashion designers, technology companies, photographers, and media entrepreneurs. Momed Atwater Village starts caffeinating us at 8am, with lunch starting at 11:30a followed by happy hour and dinner service. By night and on weekends, the complex comes to life with original theater productions, Shakespeare, dance classes and excellent meals. 

Contact us any time for information about studios that may be coming available, but are not yet listed - hello(at)

Supporting the Arts

We offer space to produce, rehearse, perform and exhibit all types of creative production. Our beautiful open areas, a welcoming restaurant, and programmable spaces for varying budgets support experimentation and projects large and small.

Community Benefits

In addition to providing new walking-distance amenities for our Atwater Village neighbors, Atwater Crossing is always interested in helping connect local youth with apprenticeships in creative industries, providing affordable space for non-profit organizations and start-ups, and building a community of forward-thinking Angelinos. Sign up for our newsletter for updates and drop us a line any time - hello(at) 


Just across the street from the creative office buildings are the Atwater Crossing Homes - 27 single family architectural homes. For more information visit: