ATX 3249 Suite 210c (available Feb 15) 

-Bright recently refinished studio

-Ceiling Height: 11.5' - 15'; Two skylights and window

-AC and heat

-418 lsf, plus access to a shared kitchen


ATX 3245 Suite 108  (available Feb 15) 

-Ceiling Height: 11.5' - 15'

-Electrical Capacity: 30 amps

-Single skylight

-AC and heat

-500 lsf 


ATX 3201                  (available March 1) 

-Bright, stand alone studio with multiple windows, roll-up door, private kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor area. 

-Ceiling Height: 15'

-AC and heat

-1100 sf


ATX 3245 Suite 108  (available Feb 15) 

-Bright airy studio with large walls and three sawtooth windows

-Ceiling Height: 11.5' - 15'

-AC and heat

-600 lsf, with kitchen access 


ATX 3249 Suite 214  (available April 1) 

-Bright, airy studio, skylights throughout and glass storefront entrance direct to outside

-AC and heat

-Ceiling Height: 12'

-1345 lsf, with access to shared kitchen 


ATX 3191 Suite 116  production office (available May 1) 

-3083 sf with 5 private offices, in-suite bathroom and kitchen, large open work area

-5 large windows looking onto courtyard

-Skylights throughout 

-Available for short or long-term lease 




email hello(at) for more information